eseia Projects

eseia projects are based on the fundamental idea of integrating four dimensions together:eseia_graphic_1.png

Innovation, Research, Education and Policy.

This concept represents the founding idea of eseia and goes back to the e-Cando Proposal eseia submitted to the EIT in 2009.

With a view to the upcoming EU Framework Programme Horizon2020, which stresses excellence, industrial leadership, and societal challenges, eseia will continue developing projects in the prioritized areas covered by the eseia Working Groups:

  1. Governance, Business Models and Legal Frameworks

  2. Biorefineries, Biobased Economy and Bioresource Utilization

  3. Energy Transition in Urban Regions  

  4. Education and Training

  5. Smart Energy Materials

Read more about exciting new initiatives in eseia ongoing projects. Also have a look at the eseia project library in the section on previous projects and on outputs.