eseia's Platforms

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The four platforms are ENERGY EFFICIENCY & USAGE, ENERGY PROVISION, ENERGY INTELLIGENCE and ENERGY INTEGRATION. These platforms form the content of work which provides the organisations with links and opportunities for collaboration. The platforms take a four step approach (reduction, production, implementation and integration) vital for implementing sustainable energy systems.

  • The first step is based around reduction; the ENERGY EFFICIENCY & USAGE platform focuses on increasing energy efficiency and pushes innovation in both new and existing technologies.
  • The ENERGY PROVISION platform is the second step, production of clean energy through a wide range of resources and methods.
  • The third step is the implementation of clean energy through the ENERGY INTELLIGENCE platform with expertise, such as smart grids, which provide the infrastructure to distribute to the user.
  • The last platform, ENERGY INTEGRATION provides the necessary parameters to integrate the energy systems in the regional environment, including policy measures, master planning & environmental analysis.