eseia's Organisational Structure


eseia General Assembly

The GA is eseia’s highest decision making body consisting of eseia members.
The GA votes on decisions, proposed by the GC twice a year.

eseia Governing Council

The Governing Council is responsible for the management of the association. The Governing Council consists of 8 administrators, including the eseia President,, six Vice-Presidents, the eseia Treasurer and the eseia Director.



eseia Experts

The eseia Working Groups (WGs) and Focus Groups (FGs) include more than 300 eseia Experts and focus their work on agenda-setting and project generation activities under the Horizon 2020 programme.

The eseia WGs coordinators are: Michael Bongards, TH Cologne, DE (WG Biorefineries, Biobased Economy and Bioresource Utilization), Goran Krajačić, Uni Zagreb – FSB, HR (WG Energy Transition in Urban Regions), Tina Zuzek, JSI, SI (WG Smart Energy Materials), Michiel Heldeweg, UTwente, NL (WG Governance, Business Models and Legal Frameworks), Ion Visa, UTBv, RO (WG Education and Training).

For more information on the eseia WGs take a look at their descriptions.


eseia Team

The eseia Team, headed by the eseia Director Brigitte Hasewend, manages and coordinates the services and operations of the Alliance.

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