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New RE4Industry Project

RE4Industry focuses on 100% renewable energies for energy-intensive industries. During a period of three years, the consortium aims at facilitating the transition of the sector towards bioenergy, solar, thermal and geothermal energy systems. The new project is formed by eseia and 10 organizations from six EU Member States. The project leader is the Spanish CIRCE Foundation.

The EU has started progressive decarbonisation with the aim to become carbon neutral by 2050. Energy Intensive Industries (EII) are expected to play an important role in this transition as they represent 24% of the final energy consumption.

RE4Industry solid replication strategy will enable the roll out of this methodology in at least 8 additional use cases of different sectors within the project lifespan and the initiation of cross-border knowledge transfer activities to a total of 12 EU countries.

The project is expected to start in September 2020 and will use case studies, organise workshops, set up recommendations and action, and disseminate best practice strategies and solutions.


More information:

Project description and details here.

The official website of the project recently launched here


eseia Project Manager: office@eseia.eu