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eseia Team in 2017: Growing bigger and stronger


Project acquisition, Education and Training, Finance and Communication are the areas of expertise of the four eseia newcomers. The eseia Team now consists of 10 members, covering 7 nationalities, 11 fields of expertise and 12 spoken languages to tackle the hot topics of renewable energy in Europe.

4 new people joined the eseia Team to the Alliance´s headquarters in Graz at the beginning of 2017. The newcomers are enriching and strengthening the portfolio of competences and skills eseia will put on the plate to win EU calls for funding, manage ongoing projects, expand training opportunities, and widen the eseia network.

Over the last years eseia´s project acquisition effort has intensified. In the first few months of the 2017 eseia has already submitted 8 different proposals for EU calls tackling important issues for the advancement of renewable energies in the Old Continent. In order to manage and coordinate the action for new funding, Katalin Kovács has joined eseia as Project Acquisition Manager and will cooperate alongside eseia´s two long standing Project Managers, namely Linette Viertelhauzen and Elena Markočič. Katalin Kovács is finishing her PhD in Leadership and Management at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics on the topic of Open Innovation. In the past she has worked as International Project Manager for four years at Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research.

With two new and exclusive EU master programs in bio-economy that will begin the coming autumn and the Professional Educational Formats, the eseia ETP activities are blooming. In order to keep on offering and building on high quality training opportunities in renewable energies, Stefano Granata came on board as the new eseia Education and Training Manager. Stefano Granata counts amongst his university awards, a PhD in Electrical Engineering and a master in Educational Studies, both from the University of Leuven. Before joining eseia he worked as R&D Engineer at Total in Belgium.

On the financial front, Sabine Sill joined the eseia team as new Financial Officer, bringing in a valuable long-standing experience in finance, management, administration, and project reporting. Sabine Sill holds a Master in Business Management from the Karl-Franzens-University Graz. Her previous working positions were in business consulting and management at the Enso Detego GmbH in Austria.

With a growing number of EU-funded projects and training activities, eseia is expanding its thriving network of members and partners. However, communication activities and channels need to be coherent and targeted to engage efficiently all the intended actors. For this reason, Daria Delnevo joined the eseia team as new Communication Manager. Daria Delnevo holds a master in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies from the University of Bologna. She previously worked as journalist for the Brussels-based online newspaper eunews, reporting news on the EU energy policy from the institutions of the European Union.

With the new additions, the eseia team counts now 10 members coming from 7 different countries. The eseia team lead by Director Brigitte Hasewend can tap into 11 fields of expertise: Chemical engineering, Sustainable Development, Electrical Engineering, International Relations, Sociology, Economics, Knowledge Engineering, Education, Language Studies, Economics and Law. Furthermore, the eseia team speaks 12 languages, such as English, Slovene, Romanian, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Kyrgyz and Hungarian.


FLTR: Linette Viertelhauzen, Stefano Granata, Brigitte Hasewend, Aigul Murat kyzy, Katalin Kovács, Elena Markočič, Sabine Sill, Daria Delnevo, and Richard Wheeler