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eseia Business Meetings 13-14 December 2016 in Brussels


The General Assembly and Governing Council meetings, organized back to back with BioEnergyTrain and Phoenix Meetings, successfully marked series of important outcomes:

  • The eseia General Assembly voted for the admission of e-mobility Graz as a new eseia member. E-mobility Graz is a leading company testing new e-mobility systems and technologies in Greater Graz of Austria. The year 2017 will start with 29 members from 12 EU countries.
  • The eseia General Assembly adopted the eseia Accounts Q3 2016, and the eseia Work Programme and Budget 2017.
  • A pre-liminary list of calls have been selected by eseia to work on in 2017. eseia members have received this list of proposals and were invited to express their interests.

The next eseia General Assembly Meeting will take place 25 April 2017 in Brussels, back to back with the BioEnergyTrain project meetings.