eseia's Expertise

eseia Workshop Graz 020

eseia brings together members from across Europe increasing the potential for joint collaboration in the field of sustainable energy. eseia’s expertise is made up from the combined competences of the membership organisations and these in turn contribute to the strengths which eseia currently holds.

The expertise have been split under four platforms: ENERGY EFFICIENCY & USAGE, ENERGY PROVISION, ENERGY INTELLIGENCE & ENERGY INTEGRATION. These platforms describe the spectrum of work and the 360° approach which eseia takes to the sustainable energy solutions. They also form the roof of the key competencies of the member organisations which is shown best in the eseia competence matrix.

In 2012, eseia launched three Working Groups including a total of 100 experts across the eseia membership. These Working Groups were established in the eseia focus areas, namely on Bioresources, Smart Cities and Regions and Education and Training. In 2016 a fourth Working Group, on Smart Energy Material, was created.

The eseia expert database provides easy access to the eseia expert pool. For members as well as for external clients, this tool simplifies the search for complementary expertise within the eseia community.

The real benefit of eseia is the integration of members’ knowledge by a joint structure which is the eseia Secretariat.