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eseia Projects Update Christmas 2020


RE4Industry focuses on 100% renewable energies for energy-intensive industries and aims at facilitate the transition of the sector towards bioenergy, solar, thermal and geothermal energy systems. The project leader is the Spanish CIRCE Foundation. The RE4industry project to which eseia contributes as a Partner has moved on with the next steps since the launch in September 2020. The Communication Committee of the project had its first meeting on 25 November where eseia amongst other participants was consulted regarding the next steps with the planned communication activities of the project including dissemination. A leaflet on the project is expected to be produced by January 2021.

Additional information:

eseia Project Manager: office@eseia.eu 

Project information (CORDIS) https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/952936  

The official website of the project recently launched here

More about eseia ongoing projects here



eseia Green Deal Proposal Work

By the end of January 2021, eseia will submit two Green Deal proposals. The first proposal is named ARENA. The proposal us about EU-AU Green Transition and Energy Access. Technical lead is Fabio Montagnino, CYI and the Coordinator from eseia is Richard Wheeler.

 Contact: f.montagnino@cyi.ac.cy ;  richard.wheeler@eseia.eu


The second proposal is named ECF-ESD. It is about enabling citizens to act on climate change, for sustainable development and environmental protection through education. European SchoolNet coordinates the proposal. eseia is in a partner role regrouping as many as 14 eseia member organizations.


Contact: a.duta@unitbv.ro; office@eseia.eu