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Green Deal proposals 2021


eseia Green Deal proposals are being prepared for January 2021.  


eseia is working on is the CEE4ALL: Enabling citizens to act on climate and environmental protection through education. Changes in citizen’s and consumer’s behavior towards more sustainable patterns can happen through education, awareness raising, citizen science, observation and monitoring of their environmental impacts, civic engagement and social innovation. Proposed activities will build on existing initiatives and practices that demonstrate at international, European, national, regional and local level innovation in teaching and learning methods. Emphasis will be also put on wider community engagement for a just transition. Importance is also placed on strengthening environmental awareness of the young generation.


eseia coordinates discussions among members. The aim is to present a geographically well- balanced set of demo sites which will highlight European the European competency framework, and test climate education in action.


More information on the Green Deal Session at R&I Days: https://research-innovation-days-conference.online/hubs/green-deal



Contact:  office@eseia.eu 


Secondly, eseia works on Accelerating the green transition and energy access Partnership with Africa.

The EU-AU R&I Partnership on Climate Change and Sustainable Energy aims to support the development of sustainable energy solutions appropriate to the African context that will address these challenges. The eseia approach targets sustainable communities and helps them with energy production and use as well as fosters the water-food-energy nexus. So far, 11 eseia member organizations got involved.


Contact: Richard.Wheeler@eseia.eu


More information GD Session at R&I Days: https://research-innovation-days-conference.online/hubs/green-deal