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News from eseia members Autumn 2020


eseia online International Summer School with Participants from the EU and Tanzania

The eseia summer school took place for the first time ever online this year, which also brings us the name, the eseia Online International Summer School 2020 on 14 – 25 September, organised by the member organisation Savonia University of Applied Sciences in Finland. The focus of the summer school was Climate Friendly Bioenergy Solutions. The two-week programme was arranged by Eastern Finland Universities together with Tanzanian partners and eseia network.

During the presentation both European and Tanzanian perspective was given. From Tanzania, Fahima Chamani from PFP project Malinga gave a presentation of Tanzanian forestry and bioenergy sectors. In addition to forestry, a perspective of agriculture was also given thanks Prof. Reuben J.L. Mwamakimbul-lah (Sua Sokoine University of Agriculture) in which he looked at Tanzanian developmental agenda in areas of agriculture and forestry. Group work included topics such as use of municipal wastes as fuel, replacement of charcoal with pellets from industrial side streams or soil improvement with circular fertilizer products, amongst other topics.

The summer course’s aim was to provide an extensive overview of environmentally friendly bioenergy solutions (by lectures and company presentations) and they will apply their knowledge for preparation a proposal of adapting European environmentally friendly technology in Africa. The two-week course was aimed at international master and Ph.D. students and young post-doc researchers, practitioners and professionals from the field of bioenergy/industry or public sector.  

A big thank you to all the lecturers and the participants. Thanks as well to the host Markku Huhtinen.


More information:

Markku Huhtinen Markku.Huhtinen@savonia.fi

eseia ISS 2020 Programme

Savonia University of Applied Sciences


Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East Climate Change Initiative Webinar

On 15thOctober, a webinar is organized within the framework of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East Climate Change Initiative (EMME-CCI). The aim is to address the specific needs and challenges countries in the EMME region are facing to address and ameliorate the impact of climate change and advance mitigation actions.

If you would like to have more follow-up information about the workshop, please contact Dr Christiana Katti, Scientific Coordinator of the EMME-Climate Change Initiative, The Cyprus Institute (Email: c.katti@cyi.ac.cy, Tel: +357 22 208674).

Official website of EMME-CARE: https://emme-care.cyi.ac.cy/