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eseia embraces CO2 friendly work mode


Digital interaction not only prevents the virus from spreading, but it also reduces our carbon footprint. For this reason, eseia has adopted a new digital work mode that puts eseia at your fingertips.

Since the corona plague continues haunting us, eseia has conducted all meetings virtually on zoom this year. In the past three months, the eseia meetings have become more frequent and more effective at the same time. In total with weekly meetings, more than 40 online appointments were held online. We have more time to spend for properly preparing meetings and ensuring effective follow-up. Our members have been very active and tend to be more attentive in meetings if they have a particular role to play. Member participation was well appreciated since more than 100 people took part in past virtual meetings.

The eseia Team are also working on furnishing a common cloud space for eseia members to be released beginning next year. In the meantime, the eseia Team is using Dropbox for sharing information relating to the eseia Working Groups.



eseia Team, office@eseia.eu