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eseia Online ISS on Climate Friendly Bioenergy Solutions


LAST CHANCE: Register for the eseia Online International Summer School 2020 on Climate Friendly Bio-Energy Solutions.

The eseia International Summer School this year will be held fully online. Arranged by Eastern Finland universities, Tanzanian partners and eseia, the ISS will take place from 14 - 25 September 2020. There are only a few more places available. Therefore if you are interested, register soon.

The eseia ISS 2020 will cover topics such as:

  • Soil improvement and circular fertilizer products based on industrial side streams and their processed mixtures;
  • Microbe-based biorefining accelerated composting system for biomasses, slow pyrolysis, and biogas production;
  • Possibilities to utilize ash for fertilizers, earth construction materials, and composites included in Biosphere topics.

Participants will receive a comprehensive overview of environmentally friendly bioenergy solutions by lectures and company presentations. They will apply their knowledge preparing a proposal for adapting European environmentally friendly technologies in Africa.

Ph.D. students, master students, or young professionals in the field of bioenergy are welcome to register for the eseia ISS. If you are interested please, fill out the application form by 30 August 2020.


More information:

eseia ISS 2020 Programme is available from the eseia ETP website.

Follow the event page on Facebook.

Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

Karelia University of Applied Sciences.



Prof. Markku Huhtinen, Savonia University of Applied Sciences in Varkaus, Finland, markku.huhtinen@savonia.fi

eseia Team, office@eseia.eu