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eseia news October 2020


We are proud to announce that two new organisations are keen on joining eseia: Tyndall National Institute, IE and Karelia University of Applied Sciences, FI. 

 Tyndall National Institute in Ireland has a big expertise in the field of sustainable energy systems, energy materials and in energy policy amongst other areas. Its key experts include Prof. Brian Norton and Dr. Jo Southernwood. Tyndall National Institute has been involved in many EU projects also as a coordinator such as Speedier project, Ministor and Pantera.

Karelia University of Applied Sciences in Finland is a widely connected, international and innovative organisation offering education leading bachelor and master's degrees. Her experts, students and stakeholders collaborate in projects to create sustainable solutions.

Their specific expertise is sustainable energy and bioeconomy, including distributed renewable energy systems, energy efficiency, low carbon and wood construction and forestry. Their team includes various key experts with expertise in various areas such renewable energy production, sustainable development, industrial wood construction and biogas utilization, amongst others.