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EC Workshop ‘Promoting Education, Training and Skills Across Bioeconomy’, 15 October


The European Commission DG for Research and Innovation, Unit RTD.C2 Bioeconomy and Food Systems organised a workshop on the topic of ‘Promoting, education, training and skills across bioeconomy’ to which eseia was invited to participated the 15 October in Brussels, BE. The eseia Director Brigitte Hasewend contributed as speaker to the EC event in Brussels, BE, a presentation on the experience gained out of the coordination of the H2020 BioEnergyTrain (BET) project with co-operative education formats.

The workshop was an opportunity to share best practices, current initiatives and results from EU funded projects in education for bioeconomy like the eseia-coordinated BET.

During the EC workshop, participants also discussed on preliminary mapping of skill gaps and related educational programmes across bioeconomy; on industry and workers perspective to the challenges and approaches towards developing skills for bioeconomy; as well as on the lessons learnt and best practices in communication, awareness-raising and education for bioeconomy.

The following day 16 October, the EC also co-organising together with the European Economic and Social Committee and the European Committee of the Regions the half-day event ‘European Bioeconomy: Regions, Cities and Civil Society’ to which eseia was also invited to participate. It addressed the importance of education and training for Europe’s bioeconomy.

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