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EUROPATAGUNG in Vienna, 5 November 2019: ‘Turning the Page’


The Austrian Research and Innovation community including representatives from eseia members BOKU, TU Vienna, RP Powertrain, University of Linz, TU Graz, and KFU Graz met in Vienna, 5 November 2019 to discuss the future of European cooperation in Horizon Europe. As the Austrian Science Minister Rauskala pointed out in her introductory statement, Austria had been very successful in the H2020 programme achieving as much as 1,5 billion € in returns to date.

However, in order to continue the positive trend, Jean Eric Paquet Director General R&I from the European Commission recommended Member States should embrace the concept of the five mission areas in Horizon Europe, which are essentially about preserving the European common good. To embark on these new missions, it is not only needed ambitious researchers and innovators but also the support from governments, business, and civil society.

As pointed out by Dr Nuno Maulide, Scientist of the Year 2018, diversity is required for success. Nuno Maulide, Portuguese of origin, nicely made his statement resound on the pianoforte as he is not only a famous scientist but also a trained pianist.

In the afternoon, the eseia Director participated in discussions with ERA Council members including outgoing President Helga Novotny delivering ideas for the new Austrian government in the area of R&I, the challenges of Horizon Europe to create success by enhancing impact and fostering cooperation with third countries.

Five Mission areas

Five mission areas have been identified, each with a dedicated mission board and assembly. They will help specify, design and implement specific missions in Horizon Europe.

  1. Mission area: Adaptation to climate change including societal transformation
  2. Mission area: Cancer
  3. Mission area: Climate-neutral and smart cities
  4. Mission area: Healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters
  5. Mission area: Soil health and food

Participants to the eseia – TU Vienna Strategy Workshop 30 September 2019 in Vienna, AT / Image: eseia

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