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eseia Ongoing Proposal Preparation for H2020 calls: September Update


eseia has identified several EU funding calls under the H2020 Research and Innovation Programme on topics relevant to our members. Together with the leaders of our Working Groups and eseia member organisations and other external partners we will explore the possibilities of submitting a proposal for the following calls:

  • LC-SC3-RES-28-2019: ‘Market Uptake Support’. Deadline for proposal submission is 11 December 2019.

Since the adoption of RES Directive in 2009, most EU Member States have experienced significant growth in renewable energy production and consumption, and both the EU and a large majority of Member States are on track towards the 2020 RES targets. However, challenges still exist for renewable energy to realise its full potential in all sectors and accelerate the clean energy transition. The proposal will develop solutions addressing the challenges for the entire renewable energy sector or focusing on a specific energy market (electricity, heating, cooling or renewable fuels). The proposed solutions can address a local challenge but should have wide potential for reapplication.

  • LC-SC3-B4E-6-2020: ‘Big Data for Buildings’. Deadline for proposal submission is 15 January 2020.

European buildings are producing an increasing number of data on energy generation and consumption from various sources. Better data can lead to enhanced consumer information, contribute to an effective management of energy grids and support the creation of innovative energy services and financing schemes for distributed clean energy. This call is relevant for the eseia Focus Groups on Energy Efficient Buildings and ICT for Energy Transition and focuses on developing and demonstrating large-scale pilot test-beds for big data application in buildings: define a reference architecture for buildings data and develop an open data analytics toolbox. The proposal should also perform an extensive review of existing datasets across the EU.

  • LC-SC3-B4E-8-2020: ‘Renewable and Energy Efficient Solutions for Heating and Cooling, and Domestic Hot Water Production in Milti-apartment residential Buildings’. Deadline for proposal submission is 15 January 2020.

Almost 50 percent of EU’s final energy consumption is used for heating and cooling, of which 80 percent is used in buildings. Taking this into account, there is a need to demonstrate the real performance of innovative renewable and energy efficient solutions. Closely related to the scope of the eseia Focus Group on Energy Efficient Buildings, proposals should demonstrate the cost-effective, heating and domestic hot water production units (including cooling, and/or complementary electricity production) installed in a multi-apartment residential buildings.

If you would like to further discuss any EU call in the fields of sustainable energy innovation, energy transition, or related topics, please do not hesitate to contact eseia.


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Miguel Rey, eseia Exploitation Manager – miguel.reymazon@eseia.eu