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Speeding Up Energy Transition in Europe: eseia article on the EEI Magazine


The Autumn Edition of the European Energy Innovation Magazine features an interesting article by the eseia Director Brigitte Hasewend on the main obstacles and silos stopping the energy transition to happen as well as the challenges that still need to be faced by governments, industries and society at all levels.

Why are our societies so slow to implementing effective changes? From national, regional and local policy and governance, to technology, civil communities and education and training, innovation and developments are still too slow. There is still a lot of work to be done. This eseia article points at some barriers and suggests promising pathways to accelerate the energy transition. Proposed pathways include:

  1. A holistic approach integrating national, regional and local initiatives;
  2. Enhancing cross-sectorial cooperation;
  3. Developing legal aspects that make accessible sustainable energy to everyone;
  4. Contributing to a change in people’s way of thinking and acting;
  5. Providing quality, innovative and co-operative learning opportunities based on real-life challenges involving industry and education institutions.

To read the full eseia article, please, follow the link: ‘Speeding Up Energy Transition in Europe’

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