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MSCA-RISE Phoenix Project Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia, 3 July 2019


On the 3 July 2019, the Phoenix Consortium presented the project achievements during a meeting at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. To date, Phoenix has successfully completed 150 PM and 46 secondees have participated in the project, 16 of them completed or will complete in 2019.

The secondees involved in the H2020 project since its start in 2016 represent a diverse group including 26 Experience Researchers (ER), 18 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) and two Managerial Staff (MNG). A 50 percent of them ranging from 25 to 35 years old. Gender equality is another important aspect of the Phoenix project: females represented 44 percent of the participants.

A total of seven scientific publications are available in open access, including in The Springer Proceedings in Energy, The Resilient Society Book, Book of Abstracts of the 16th International Workshop for Young Scientists, Food Technology & Biotechnology, The Holistic Approach to Environment, and ChemBioEng Reviews. This publications tackled aspects such as modelling of solar-biomass based heating systems for low-energy buildings or the recent trends in biodiesel and biogas production.

The Final Phoenix Project Meeting will take place the 19 November 2019 in Brussels, Belgium, back to back with the eseia Ten Years’ Anniversary.

Phoenix Project Meeting participants at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, on the 3rd July 2019/ Image: eseia

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