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eseia International Summer School 2019 at the University of Zagreb


The University of Zagreb (UNIZAG-FSB), Croatia, hosted the eseia International Summer School 2019 at their university campus from 1 to 12 July. The summer school welcomed 15 students from five different countries: Croatia, France, North Macedonia, Romania and Serbia. The eseia ISS 2019 put to work together energy experts with students to find a novel approach to smart energy systems integration and to non-conventional biomass utilisation.

eseia ISS 2019 at University of Zagreb participants /Image: University of Zagreb

Prof. Goran Krajačić, Head of the Department of Energy, Power Engineering and Environment from UNIZAG-FSB and organiser of the Summer School, gave lectures on smart energy systems, smart cities and the water-energy nexus. Prof. Neven Duić did an introduction to energy planning and Prof. Bosidar Šantek held a lecture on advanced biofuel production and biorefineries. Prof. Lothar Fickert from the TU Graz, AT, presented the fundaments of electrical power systems for biorefineries. Additionally, the EU eseia project expert Richard Wheeler trained participants on career planning and how to write a successful EU proposal.

Students participated in consultations with the lectures and visited the Control Center for Waste, Water and Traffic Management in the Krk Island. There participants learnt about new waste management system as well as water losses monitoring and control.

The summer school also organised supervised working groups and involved participants in different tasks: at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering FSB students focused on energy planning development, while at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology PBF they worked on the laboratory.