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Final BET Conference: The experience of a BRE Master Student


Written by Paul Demmelmayer

On the 9th of April 2019, I had the opportunity to join the BioEnergyTrain (BET) Final Conference in Brussels, Belgium. This conference was the final meeting of the consortium of the four-year BET project. Within these four years, new and innovative educational materials on bio-economy and bio-energy were developed including two new Master programmes, namely the Biorefinery Engineering Master (BRE) at the Graz University of Technology (AT) and the Bioresource Value-Chain Management (BVM) at the University of Twente (NL).

As a student, it was very interesting and educational to see the work behind such a project and how much effort it takes to create the curricula for two new Master programmes. It was also great to share my point of view as a student of the Biorefinery Engineering Master. In my opinion, the Master programme within the TU Graz will certainly help the students to establish in diverse topics of the biorefinery industry. Especially courses or events like the Interdisciplinary Student Camp and the International Summer School help to set up an international network.

Being at the end of the BRE Master, I am currently doing my Master Thesis in the “biorefinery working group” at the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology (CEET) at the TU Graz and after that I am planning on going for a PhD position in the field of biorefinery. Doing the Biorefinery Engineering Master in addition to the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Master was the right decision because it allowed me to gather a comprehensive knowledge in the growing sector of biorefinery engineering.

About the author


Paul Demmelmayer is one of the first students enrolled in the European Master Programme Biorefinery Engineering (BRE), developed in the framework of the BioEnergyTrain Project, and offered by the Graz University of Technology, in Austria.

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