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eseia Strategy 2030 Workshop in Leutschach, Austria, 17 May 2019


The eseia Strategy 2030 Workshop was successfully conducted at Pössnitzberg, Austria, 17 May 2019 by members of the eseia Governing Council, President Harald Kainz (TU Graz), Treasurer Brian Norton (TU Dublin), Vice-President Josef Fürlinger (RIC-BPR), and eseia Director Brigitte Hasewend (eseia), and selected experts including Michiel A. Heldeweg (UTwente), Michael Bongards (TH Cologne), Markku Huhtinen (Savonia University), Goran Krajacic (UNIZAG), and Spomenka Kobe (JSI).


 eseia Strategy Workshop participants at Pössnitzberg, Leutschach, AT, 17 May 2019,  Credits: eseia

The group reviewed the eseia success of the past ten years. eseia was able to build a robust grouping of more than 30 member organisations. eseia achieved more than 7 Mio € in EU project funding with a remarkable EC proposal success rate of 28 percent. In addition, eseia gathered more than 700,000 € in fees from 64 organisations in 19 European countries, one-third from business.

eseia confirmed its vision as a cross-sector alliance specialising in sustainable energy systems innovation. Among the needs of eseia members collected in the eseia Strategy 2030 Survey, the workshop discussed the value of the alliance for EC policy-making, strengthening of European partnerships for research and education, and innovation.

Results from the Workshop will feed into the eseia Strategy 2030 to be developed over the summer. Your contributions are most welcome. Please make sure you have filled out the eseia Feedback questionnaire and that you have reviewed the eseia Working Group descriptions.

The eseia Strategy 2030 document along with the Work Programme and Budget 2020 will be presented at the eseia ten year Anniversary event in Brussels, 19 November 2019.

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Anna Gabbert, eseia Project Manager – anna.gabbert@eseia.eu

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