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BET Student Camp participants experiment on Biorefineries at WoodKPlus labs


From 25 to 28 February 2019, 35 participants from 9 European countries, North America and Africa learnt, discussed and experimented on innovative forms of biobased products and biorefinery processes at WoodKPLUS in Linz, Austria.

Participants to the BET Student Camp 2019 at WoodKPlus. Copyright: Wood KPLUS

Among the lectures, Prof. Alfred Teischinger from BOKU Vienna, Prof. Maarten J. Arentsen from UTwente and Prof. Tobias Stern from the University of Graz provided insights to the aspects of forestry based industry, the biobased economy as a regional challenge, and biorefinery economics, respectively, to the students during the event.

To the many presentations by bioeconomists, chemists, biotechnologists and energy experts, students’ interaction was added. The small groups, questions from the experts, hands-on experience, discussions and questionnaires strengthen the connection between these professionals and the students and enriched their experience.

The Technical Center and the WoodKPlus laboratories represented and add value to the students as well –the area wood chemistry and biotechnology and the area for biobased composites and processes, physical and analytical methods. There they undertook experiments together with the company’s professionals, ranging from the modification of different cellulosic materials to the utilisation of microbiological techniques.

Furthermore, a visit to the industrial plants of the company Lenzing AG was also organised, including a presentation on Lenzing’s biorefinery processes and a tour of the company installations for the Student Camp participants.

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