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Ongoing initiatives in eseia member organisations

eseia Portfolio on Smart Urban Mobility 27.03.2019

Members of the eseia Focus Group on Smart Mobility are involved in a number of novel smart urban mobility projects that aim to develop new governance and business models, propose changes to the legal framework, integrate new technological systems, manage big data, and reconquer urban space to enhance the life style of European citizens.

The Portuguese company ADENE, for example, is developing an urban mobility laboratory. Among its features, this interactive laboratory is able to determine factors such as the distance of a trip, the speed, the energy consumption, the carbon footprint, or biometric data (heart, calories and sensing). Other current mobility lab initiatives include the TU Vienna, AT, “aspern.mobil LAB” and the Mobility Lab Thinkport VIENNA focusing on urban freight transport led by BOKU, AT.

Multimodal mobility concepts related to different market needs are also at the front of their research priorities: evaluation of diverse mobility concepts for the urban health sector and sustainable e-grocery logistics (BOKU), sustainable production of storage technologies (VGTU, LT) or several projects in the field of shared mobility (ridesharing, cargo-bike sharing).

Other innovative approaches to Urban Mobility range from emotions sensing for improving public spaces (TU Vienna), to the development of urban typology engaging forest ecological and climate performance within the urban environment (Living Forest, TU Graz), and holistic modelling of energy systems and synergies between transport and the other sectors (UNIZAG, HR).

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If you wish to have your research included in the eseia Smart Urban Mobility Portfolio, please contact

Marina Lopez – eseia Communication Assistant, e-mail: marina.lopezortega@eseia.eu