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SuPREME: Main Achievements


Since 2016, Aalborg University, the University of Twente, and eseia have successfully contributed to advancing new energy technologies’ integration at the Insitute of Fluid Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poland.

Three years after the beginning of H2020-TWINN-2015 SuPRME –Twining for a Sustainable, Proactive Research partnership in distributed Energy systems planning, Modelling, and management, the Insitute of Fluid Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IMP PAN) has increased its research capacity by training key staff.

New collaborations and cooperation agreements with different partners have been undertaken. In total, by the end of the project, the IMP PAN is involved in 10 new joint proposals for new H2020 calls and has signed 4 new cooperation agreements.

The Polish research institution has received the support of Aalborg University (Denmark), the University of Twente (the Netherlands), and the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance (Austria) to boost its knowledge and capability in the field of integrated energy management systems creating a partnership from which all have benefited.

Altogether, the twining has organised extended staff exchanges, nearly 10 conferences hosted by Consortium partners, and three Summer Schools held in three different countries: Summer School on Macro Scale Energy Systems at Alborg (DK), SS on Micro Scale ES at Enschede (NL), and SS on Macro and Micro ES at Jabłonna (PL).


Contact person:

Miguel Rey Mazón, eseia Project Manage, e-mail: miguel.reymazon@eseia.eu

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SuPREME website