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SuPREME International Summer School 2018 on Macro and Micro Scale ES


SuPREME ISS 2018 on Macro and Micro Scale Energy Systems was organised by eseia on August 2018 gathering participants from different countries. For more than a week, students were trained by experts on the Energy Conversion and Renewable Resources Research Centre KEZO in Poland, building international networks and acquiring professional experience in order to advance their career profiles.

On 19-26 August, the IMP PAN’s Energy Conversion and Renewable Resources Research Centre KEZO in Poland held the third SuPREME International Summer School. During more than a week, participants were encouraged to tackle macro and micro scale Energy Systems issues in order to advance their expertise.

Each day was introduced by wrap-up presentation for all participants that later were divided into two different groups according to their background and interest. On one side, the macro-scale group focused on EnergyPLAN. After a first day introduction to the topic and a number of practical exercises, the participants worked on real data for a given region. In the other side, the micro-scale group trained on new insights of optimisation techniques and control of micro-grids in a parallel workshop.

The event was organised to conduct different types of training. While specific workshops in energy systems were divided into specialised groups, a more generic training was also provided for all participants at a time. The non-technical workshops examined issues such us academic career profile of young people, preparation of articles and publishing, how to profile yourself on the web or entrepreneurship of researchers.

Altogether, participants to the SuPREME International Summer School 2018 gained additional practical skills to enhance their curricula, apart from specific knowledge on macro and micro scale energy systems to boost improve their expertise.  

The closing of the Summer School gathered the presentations of both macro-scale and micro-scale groups on the work undertaken during the whole programme at the KEZO facilities.

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