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eseia General Assembly and Governing Council Meeting in Brussels, 13 November


During the eseia Business Meetings, the alliance performance in 2018 was analysed while new challenges and goals for the coming period 2019 were set. Among the highlights, the association has adopted the Work Programme and Budget 2019 and presented 8 new members.


From 13 to 14 November, eseia held its General Assembly and Governing Council Business Meetings together with the Proposal Workshop and a back to back of BET and Phoenix Progress Meetings in Brussels. During the reunion, representatives and member organisations discussed the new road plan for 2019.

Among the most relevant outcomes of the meeting:

  • The General Assembly introduced 8 new members and vote for their admission. Hence, eseia is pleased to welcome the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, AT; Energie Steiermark Technik GmbH, AT; Leitner Ropeway, AT; Planum GmbH, AT; Science Park, AT; TTU - Tallinn University of Technology, EE; University Savoie Mont Blanc, FR; and, Adene, PT.
  • The GA and GC adopted the Work Programme and Budget 2019 and updated the members on the eseia Accounts 2018 Q3.
  • The Proposal Workshop presented a preliminary selection list of calls for proposal submission in 2019, including MSCA-RISE education and training for capacity building and LC-SC3-EE-3-2019-2020 for developing energy skills in construction.
  • Currently, eseia is running BET and Phoenix projects. Both held their progress meetings back to back with the GA in Brussels. In the other side, CESEPS Final Conference is planned for January 2019, while SuPREME twining to enhance IMP PAN’s research capacity has recently finalised and is now preparing the Final Report and its follow up.
  • For 2019, three training events are already lined up: the Summer Camp at WoodKPLUS in Linz, the International Summer School 2019, and the Pilot Plant Course that provides post-graduate students with practical experience at industrial and regional facilities.

Next Business Meetings with a back to back of BET project progress will be held 10th April 2019 in Brussels.