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Finnish Delegation in Visit at eseia, Opportunities for Cooperation in Bioenergy


written by Daria Delnevo

Representatives from the Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, and the Forest Services Metsäpalvelu Turunen Oy, visited the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance (eseia), to discuss possible cooperation opportunities in the framework of the BioEnergyTrain project (BET).

During the meeting, which took place at eseia´s headquarters in Graz, on 18 June 2018, eseia presented the Cooperation Model developed in the BET Buying-in Strategy, to illustrate the possible synergies between the Finnish institutions and the BET Consortium. Furthermore, the finish delegation also expressed interest for the upcoming proposal on “Research, Innovation and Educational Capacities for Energy Transition”, LC-SC3-CC-5-2018, which could potentially generate an interesting follow-up project of the BioEnergyTrain.

In the coming months, further discussions will take place between the parties involved, with the aim to reach a cooperation agreement.


Finnish Delegation at the eseia headquarters in Graz, Austria, on 18 June 2018.