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eseia Welcomes Two New Members in 2018


Sustainable built environment, energy production technologies are some of the competences the Cyprus Institute and the Savonia University of Applied Sciences are bringing in, expanding the competences of the Alliance

written by Daria Delnevo


The Cyprus Institute and the Savonia University of Applied Science joined the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance (eseia) at the beginning of the year, after the favorable vote expressed by the General Assembly at the business meeting held in Brussels, Belgium, on 7 November 2017. CYPRUS_LOGO.png

The Cyprus Institute is a gateway for research and technology in the Eastern Mediterranean Region to and from the EU. Amongst Its fundamental building units, the institute comprises the Energy, Environment & Water Research Center (EEWRC), and the Computation-based Science and Technology Research Center (CaSToRC). The EERWC is focused on issues such as sustainable built environment, efficient use of water and energy, environmental monitoring, and renewable energy. The center has 19 active projects and is collaborating with Universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. CaSToRC is carrying out research on high performance computing, HPC simulation, systems modelling, and computational physics. The Institute is also part of the CySTEM ERA Chair, for the consolidation and upgrading of solar thermal and related activities, such as small CST poly-generation systems concepts based on tower technology.


The Savonia University of Applied Sciences, with the Varkaus Energy Research Centre, represents Finland´s largest and internationally recognized energy cluster, focusing on environmental friendly combustion and energy production technologies. The Research center, which currently employs more than 2,000 people, aims at studying, developing, and testing the combustion, corrosive behavior and emission control potential of recycled fuels, woodchips, peat and pyrolysis oil, in both fire gate and fluidized bed environments. The center offers also a wide range of measuring and analysis tools for assessing the operation and energy performance of machinery and processes in both laboratory and field conditions.

The two research institutes are enriching the alliance, bringing in new competences to the already vast pool of expertise available on the eseia Expert Database.