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Phoenix Project, The Successful Exchange of Researchers in BioEconomy between Romania and Croatia


In 2017 the Green Energy Innovative Biomass Cluster (Bio-C), Romania, and theUniversity of Zagreb exchanged their researchers to refine and build their skills in the field of bioresources.

Between October and November 2017 Bio-C hosted three researchers from the University of Zagreb as part of the Phoenix secondment programme. For one month Horvojec Dorotic and Borna Doracic were involved in researches on technologies for biomass exploitation, thermal utilization of low-grade forestry products and heat grids. In the same period Sandor Bartha, researcher for the Green Energy Romanian Innovative Biomass Cluster Bio-C, went in exchange to the University of Zagreb. As experienced researcher he focused on the development of possible different scenarios in the decarbonised economy.

Furthermore, he studied the implementation of electrical cars in the Romanian market and the development of energy production schemes with a focus on renewable energy sources. The Phoenix exchange programme was “highly efficient”, remarked Bartha, as the insights he gained at the University of Zagreb will be used to develop new bioenergy products and solutions for the exploitation of biomass in Romania. 

Project Officer:

Anna Gabbert