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SuPREME Summer School 2017 on Micro-scale Energy Systems


For a whole week Polish Researchers from the Academy of Science IMP-PAN tackled different aspects of micro-scale energy systems at the University of Twente, in the Netherlands, to evaluate and implement solutions for a sustainable access to energy. The experts, involved in the SuPREME project, analysed the options available on the energy table to upgrade the current energy infrastructure and keep up with the rising demand for energy.

The festival style Summer School, also known as CuriousU, was held between 13–22 August. It gave participants the opportunity not only to attend lectures, but also to receive on-site training about smart energy systems in micro-scale. Traditional lectures on the methodologies used to map energy needs, and analytics for smart cities, were accompanied by small group strategy workshops. Furthermore, IMP-PAN researchers delved into specific problems related to the local situation during the visit to the Enschede City Hall. “Lecturers gave us a very practical overview on the current situation of power grids and the possible future developments”, stated Marta Kierek, researcher of the Distributed Energy Department at IMP-PAN.

About the SuPREME Project

The SuPREME project aims at creating a long-lasting and effective partnership between the Polish Academy of Sciences IMP PAN and its partners, namely the Aalborg University, in Denmark, the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance (eseia), in Austria, and the University of Twente, in the Netherlands. The cooperation will focus on developing a technical transition plan coherent with the national and European energy targets and guidelines.

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