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eseia, the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance, is an association of cross-sector organisations leading the field of sustainable energy systems, from energy provision to energy consumption in research, teaching and innovation. eseia has been validated under the Horizon 2020 as a non-profit research organisation. Our members are dedicated to advancing implementation of renewables and sustainable technologies in Europe.

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iss2015_banner.gif Image credit to Roman GP & Bernhard Wimmer

New! Register for the eseia International Summer School 2015 - Think Out of the Box! The eseia ISS 2015 will take place in Portugal in collaboration with LNEG and New University of Lisbon from 13 - 24 July 2015 on Integrating Bioresources and Waste in Urban and Rural Energy Systems. Expert insights from European think-tank organisations, interactive courses, individual project development and professional visits, for more information please check our ETP website at: www.etp.eseia.eu 

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